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All lampshades are made to order in London, and are dispatched within 2-3 weeks

Bespoke Lampshades KP (Pink 05)

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3 Lampshades - various sizes

Every Munro and Kerr lampshade is made to order, and is made by hand to your requirements in our south London studio. 


As the marbled paper is handmade, there will be slight variations in pattern and colour from the photos shown.


 50cm EMPIRE (A)
Top-35cm, Bottom-50cm, Slope-32.5cm
18cm EMPIRE (B) Top-10cm, Bottom-18cm, Slope-13cm


The metallic linings have been created so that no light travels through the lampshade, this means the colour of the lining does not alter the colour and pattern on the outside of the lampshade when lit.

The colour of the lampshade frame will be matched to your lining choice.


No trim has been requested

Bespoke Lampshades

Paper  Additional info units unit price total price
Pink #05, brushed gold lining Lampshade with duplex fitting (A) £85.00 £85.00
Pink #05, brushed gold lining Lampshade with candle clip fitting (B) 2 £30.00 £60.00
TEMPLATE 1 £20.00 £20.00
TOTAL £165.00