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All lampshades are made to order in London, and are dispatched within 2-3 weeks


Munro and Kerr offer lampshades crafted using beautiful hand marbled, printed, and textural papers and fabrics. 

Munro and Kerr was founded by Alexandra John in 2017, born out of a passion for marbling, patterns and beautiful interiors, Munro and Kerr offer unique, luxury lampshades that demand a second glance.

All lampshades are entirely hand made by Alex herself in the Munro and Kerr studio in London. Each shade is made-to-order to ensure the highest quality finish and attention to detail, so you can be confident every shade you select is freshly crafted just for you. 

A bespoke marbling service that consults with the client on their needs is also available, we match materials with interior schemes and can collaborate with you to craft products that offer a truly special piece for your home or business setting.


Marbled lampshade made by Munro and Kerr


Alexandra’s formative years were spent in Tanzania and then Egypt where a love for architecture, colour, textile and surface pattern went on to inform a career as a fashion buyer for a number of international brands. Munro and Kerr expands this passion, focusing on products that uniquely blend quality, value and the wonder of inspiring design.

This commitment to inspiring design and craftsmanship is important to Munro and Kerr and we work alongside some of the UK’s finest hand-marbling artists and producers, crafting pieces that help the client display their own personal story with wonderful paper and fabric lampshades.



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