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Antique. Large Belgian Geometric Wallpaper Roller Lamp Base

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This large lamp bases has been converted from what was a wallpaper roller that would have been used to create the pattern and colour on wallpaper in around 1890 in France.
The lamps were made by hand, and are made from beech wood with brass inserts for the design.
In order to create the patterns to create the detailed wallpaper designs, a draughtsman would first trace each outline of each colour onto a separate roller. Brass pieces were pre-bent and laid into the wooden core. One roller could take many months to make using hand held tools, often by women.  These are wonderful works of art and decoration, and it is amazing to  think these rollers were once industrial objects.
The lamp has been cleaned, however as these one were once an industrial object there still remains some of the original paint that was used to print the wallpaper, as well as some surface scratching. I believe that this adds to its charm however.
There is new wiring on the lamp using premium golden woven electrical flex, and solid brass lamp fittings, however, before use I would advise this lamp be tested by a qualified electrician.
The lamps base is 71cm tall inclusive of the lampholder. The width of the lamp base is 17cm.