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New. 'Allie' Wooden Standard Lamp Base

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Made in the UK, this wonderful standard lamp base is made from solid beech hardwood. It has been finished with a light wax, letting the natural beauty of the wood shine through.

Please be aware that there is likely to be small pattern variations that occur naturally on the woods surface.

You can choose any lampshade size you like, but we would recommend a lampshade with a diameter of 40cm.

The standard lamp base is 119cm tall, and 123cm tall inclusive of the lampholder. The width of the lamp base is 29cm.

The lamp has been ingeniously designed so that it can be packed in a small box. The cord grip is built into the lamp holder, which allows the pre-wired electrical cable to turn when screwing the parts together. To assemble you simply screw the 2 pole sections together and then screw into the base. 

This lamp has been fully electrically tested
and is in compliance with current EU legislation for health and safety.
The lamp has been fitted with a white lamp holder, a white 3 pin plug with 3 amp fuse, and 1.5 meters of white electrical lead